Acquia rewards Drupal best practices

Acquia has a promotion and is grading your Drupal site. They're evaluating several aspects of your site such as speed, security, code, etc.

They gave Abejitas a solid A+ and, as a prize, they're giving me a Drupal t-shirt.

How cool is that!, thanks Acquia!.

Inline images in Drupal

Acquia recently published a three part tutorial about getting inline images in Drupal.

Inline images are the ones you find embedded on block of text. There are several ways to acomplish this each one with its advantages and disadvantages.

Here is the tutorial:

Drupal y Varnish

Llevo algunos días liado con la configuración de Varnish en Éstos son algunos de los recursos con los que estoy trabajando. Los pongo aquí más que nada a modo de bookmark personal pero si a alguien le sirve, se matan dos pájaros de un tiro.

Listado de recursos:

Whatsapp y el todo gratis en internet

Las peores profecías se han cumplido. Y no, no es que haya confirmado la venida del anticristo en forma de Papa. Que lo mismo pasa, pero eso en unos días.

Lo malo está ya aquí, ahora y acojona mucho más que el anticristo. Whatsapp pasa a ser de pago.

Y claro, está el personal revolucionado. Y muchos indignados e incluso ofendidos.


Ok, everything created from scratch in about one hour.

Currently, multilingual is working with Drupal entity translation and the rest of the site is basically functional.
What remains now is to fill it with more content. I hope to have some time this weekend.
Oh, and the theme is responsive so you can read all this nonsense in the mobile comfortably.
And now I'll leave because I have actual work to do. :-)

Introduction (more or less)

Aside from the test post, this is going to be the first official post of the web.

As you can see, there's a lot of things to do but I had to start at some point.

Greetings to everyone.

First post

Testing... 1, 2, 3...