"Seven databases in Seven Weeks": mi experiencia práctica con el libro

He empezado a leer el libro "Seven databases in seven weeks" con la idea de tener una visión más global de todos los tipos de bases de datos que existen.

Cómo hacer un backup de Odoo 10

Sacar una copia de nuestra instalación de Odoo es realmente sencillo. Esta copia nos puede servir como backup para prevenir problemas o para migrar nuestros datos a otra instalación de Odoo.

Siempre tenemos la opción de sacar una copia manual de la base de datos y del filestore pero Odoo nos proporciona una herramienta que lo hace todo en un sólo paso.

Para hacer el backup tendremos que abrir la siguiente URL:

http://<nuestro dominio de odoo>/web/database/manager

Veremos algo como lo siguiente:

Execute a script after suspend in Ubuntu 16.04

Sometimes you need to execute a script when your computer is recovering from suspend. Usually, as it is my case, this is necessary to fix some hardware that is not waking up properly.

Happily, this is a very easy task. You just have to add a script to the directory   and it will be executed when going to or from suspend.

In my case, the script is as follows:

Rebuild Drupal menus using Drush

Sometimes, one menu item gets stuck and cleaning menu cache doesn't seem to work.

In those cases, there is a way to completely wipe out all the information that Drupal has about the menus and recreate it.

Using Drush we have to execute the following commands:

Delete all terms in a taxonomy using drush

In some occasions, usually when developing, you need to wipe out all the terms in a taxonomy.

There isn't a clear way to do this using drush but when you have the devel module installed there is a small hack:


Swappiness in Ubuntu

From a few years, Ubuntu has developed an annoying behavior about the way it uses swap.

Even though you have enough memory to hold all your applications, the SO tends to use swap slowing the whole machine down.

Recently I've discovered a parameter to control the behavior of the operating system in swap.

The parameter is called 'swappiness' and you can check your current value this way:

Checking for changes in a webpage

With this little script you can get an email when a webpage changes.


Just add it to your crontab and make it run every 5 minutes with the following line:


Great Omega presentation

Are you learning Omega?, here you have a great hands-on presentation by Joshua Turton that will show you the main modules and procedures to use.

Omega from Download to Layout from Phase2 on Vimeo.

Charla sobre Drupal Commerce

Hace ya unas semanas di una charla sobre Drupal Commerce en las jornadas eComm & Beers Sevilla. La verdad es que con lo liado que estoy se me pasó completamente poner algunas fotos y colgar la presentación.

Parallelizing bzip2 (and tar)

You have a multicore CPU but when you start a bzip2 operation only one core is used?, what a waste of resources!.

There is a version of bzip2 created to be used in that circunstances and it makes use of all available cores. Its name is pbzip2 and can be downloaded from here http://compression.ca/pbzip2/.

There are prepackaged versions and you can install it in Ubuntu easily because it's included in the official repository.

The usage is analogous to the single core version so you won't have to learn new options.